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SMARTMeso is the world’s first device to utilise EPM technology; a unique combination of microchip transdermal technology and electroporation, increasing nutrient absorption by around 84% compared with traditional methods.


The specially designed treatment tip is used to create micro-columns in the skin in a minimally invasive way (no bleeding is caused). Electrodes on the tips create the electroporation effect, significantly enhancing the permeability of skin cells.


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Painless and effective with no downtime

Two patented treatment tip designs

SMARTMeso uses two specifically designed tips – one for skin care and one for hair care, creating the first professional scalp care instrument of its type in the world. The hollow microchips deliver chosen serums to the target area, treating a wide range of indications.


Double absorption rate = Double effect

Deep wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, scarring, stretch marks, hair loss – all of these concerns and more can be treated by SMARTMeso. Increased absorption rates reduce product wastage and significantly improve treatment efficacy compared to alternative methods.




SMARTMeso treatment tip diagram

Nutrient absorption improved


compared to other methods

Mezopharma serums for SMARTMeso mesotherapy system

Simple Design, Big Difference

The patented treatment tips are built with German medical grade components and medical 316L stainless steel. Just seven parts combine to produce the unique EPM technology which substantially improves nutrient absorption rates.

SMARTMeso mesotherapy system

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Perfectly matched solutions


Our range of mesotherapy serums created by MezoPharma has been selected specifically to work in tandem with SMARTMeso. A wide array of skin indications can be treated by the carefully chosen range which includes OXY; a selection of three formulations containing very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, perfect for use with electroporation treatment due to the greater absorption properties of the molecules. These formulas are created using the most up to date techniques in the biotech industry, ensuring the best results for your clients.


SMARTMeso mesotherapy tip components



Ergonomically Designed Applicator


The light-weight applicator has been designed with therapist comfort in mind allowing for easy motion control and operation.


Net weight 461g

Easy to Operate LCD Touch Screen Controls


Electroporation, dosage, contact degree and frequency parameters can be easily adjusted.


Cavity mode can be selected to push excess serum into treated areas, ensuring no wastage.

Compatible with Two Syringe Sizes


10ml and 5ml syringe slots are provided to fit industry standard sized syringes. Easy to change based on requirement.

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SMARTMeso non-invasive mesotherapy

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