Results Based Product Solutions

Just like with our aesthetic devices, EAS are committed to delivering innovation with our carefully chosen product lines; innovation that delivers results for your clients and profit for your business.

The OXY Range

OXY is a unique line of serums specifically designed for use with electroporation treatment. The key differentiator with this range is LMHA (Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid). The extremely low weight of the HA molecules significantly improves transdermal penetration and cell absorption.


The LMHA multiplies fibroblasts, stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis and rejuvenates the skin in a highly efficient manner.


A popular cocktail due to its ability to treat a wide variety of indications. The high Vitamin C content strengthens capillary vessels and evens out skin discolorations.


Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid 2,5%, l.m., methylsilanol mannuronate, retinol 5%, vitamin E, mannitol, dextran, sodium chloride


Results: Superbly eliminates early signs and processes of ageing, strengthens capillary vessels and reduces discoloration

Target group: Clients showing early signs of ageing, smokers, clients with acne skin, lines around the eyes, pigmented or discoloured skin

The HYAL range

HYAL is a range of seven advanced mesotherapy cocktails rich in biomimetic peptides, hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins. The very latest production and sterilisation techniques in the biotechnological industry are used, mirroring those used in pharmaceutical production processes. These techniques maintain the full effectiveness of the heat sensitive substances while maximising safety for your clients.


These serums are suitable for application using a variety of methods and full training on the range is available.

Aqualift Cocktail

An excellent serum to revitalise tired looking skin and combat the early signs of ageing.


Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, sodium chloride
Biomimetic peptides: 1.2% Argireline (hexapeptide)


Results: moisturising, lifting, improving the skin’s overall condition

Target group: first signs of ageing, dry skin, loose skin (recommended for age group 30+)

The full range of MezoPharma serums can be purchased exclusively through Eterno Aesthetic Solutions. 

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