EasyPulse IPL

Welcome to the future of IPL

EasyPulse IPL brings about a new era of IPL treatment, providing a pain free experience for the client and putting your business at the forefront of technological advancement. Super-fast and effective treatments can be performed in order to maximise your profitability.

Increase Your Profits with the Best Value for Money System in the World

We believe that all professional beauty and aesthetic clinics should have access to the best technologies, not just a select few, and EasyPulse IPL combines high quality, innovation, results and versatility with incredible value. EasyPulse IPL is offered with a one year full parts warranty and first year’s service included. We also provide full training and a unique initial marketing support package that includes access to a comprehensive online social media marketing course. With this you will learn the step by step secrets of how to put together and manage professional lead generation campaigns.


Interest Free

Finance Available

The Latest Technology for the Best Results

As well as the traditional single pulse method, EasyPulse IPL can be operated in SHR (Super Hair Removal) mode, with the gliding motion application emitting up to 10 pulses per second of balanced energy. This produces a gradual heating of the area being targeted and a totally comfortable treatment experience for the client. The addition of FP (Flyer Point) technology, which was created by our machine’s engineers, further improves client experience by enabling fine hairs such as those on the upper lip and hair line to be treated highly accurately, effectively and with great comfort.


Up to 5 year finance packages available

A Wide Range of Applications

EasyPulse IPL is available with three separate handpieces providing different wavelength ranges to target a variety of concerns:

EasyPulse IPL dramatically increases the range of treatments you can offer


Intelligent Parameters and Easy Touch Screen System Controls

The 10.4inch colour LCD touch screen monitor provides an easy user experience and intuitive system controls, with parameters automatically adjusted based on client skin tone to ensure a safe and effective treatment.


Full one year parts warranty and first year’s service included


US FDA Approved Device

Large Spot Size for Super-Fast Treatment

The 16mm*57mm HR handpiece is one of the largest spot sizes available on the market, enabling quicker treatment times and greater profit for your business.

We Teach You How to Become an Expert at Marketing Your Business

We have teamed up with our friends at Aesthetic Clients On Demand to provide a unique marketing package to our clients.


All purchasers of our hair removal devices are given access to an online training course, which teaches you step by step how to build and manage successful social media lead generation campaigns.


The course has been put together by expert online client acquisition experts with many years of experience, and with specific expertise in the Aesthetics and Beauty Industries.

Covering everything from how to write attention grabbing copy and create engaging, professional content, to how to create automated lead filtering processes using the right tools, this is a high value course that other social media marketers don't want you to have!

Find out more about our marketing support:

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